Performance Series 202

January 2021


Following the completion of Performance Series 101, Master Darren will now focus on the individual development of each student, based on the results from the 101 workshops and public performance session in the last series.


Each student will develop strengths and cultivate a deeper awareness and understanding of how a young professional can train in specific dramatic techniques. These sessions will now really focus on the individual, and require a personal commitment and dedication, supported by parents outside of the classes. The aim is to reach a level of realisation in the Embodiment Process of performance, which means that after the line-learning and character analysis, each student can be taken to a higher level of professionalism. This is vital for performing drama, singing, dance and for all public speaking.


Group sessions will teach movement dynamics and ensemble responsibilities (including the Laban approach and Interactive responses during theatre performance, such as Improvisation).


Solo PRIME TIME will focus on the leading actor, the importance of the supporting role, essential dialect coaching, and making physical the performance of verse, speech and drama scenes (each student will create a character from Shakespeare, and consider Stanislavski’s creation of a dramatic role.)


The ultimate aim of the training in Series 202 is a comprehensive physical understanding of the movement principles of performance (as taught by Master Darren to Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson from HARRY POTTER, and many others now performing professionally in theatre and film.) To be successful in this course, we expect our students to make a personal commit to understand how to prepare for a role, learn lines, undertake research at home, provide video diaries and material to support the character’s back story. The MOVING TOOLBOX is a professional stage school training, leading to professional performance.


Opportunities for auditioning and performance placement in film, stage and musicals will be included in this series, based on the application of the coaching. Individual assessments will be made throughout the course, and feedback for personal development and the appropriate timing for different opportunities as they arise. To achieve this, students will need to commit to preparation and practice between the classes: eg. line learning, reading and researching of the character, the play, and the timeframe such as historical etiquette and society. To thrive in this environment needs the student to have time between classes to practice what has been taught.



ONLINE CLASSES (January 9, 16, 23)

Alternate plan for teaching during the Covid19 temporary lockdown this month, to keep within the regular structure of the training routine.

Using online format (Google Classroom / Zoom) – observing others if not the main focus, and working as a team.

Resume to Rasayana Studio for physical sessions from January 30th – March 13th.


2.30pm – 3.15pm

  • TECHNICAL TRAINING – speech, drama & movement: 

  • Laban movement dynamics

  • Elocution exercises

  • Physical warm up.


3.15pm – 5.15 pm (in rooms within the main zoom, divided into groups each week)

  • Individual tasks

  • Duets / Duo scenes

  • Solo PRIME TIME with Master Darren

  • Shakespeare speeches (based from the London Academy RADA/LAMDA syllabus)

  • Audition speeches (preparation for speech & drama)

  • Embodiment of Character “Make the Character Your Own”


5.15 – 6pm

  • Professional performance practice: THE SOUND OF MUSIC

  • Group singing

  • Gesture and Choreography

  • Dance routines



We are so pleased to be able to continue working with you, to develop your obvious talents, optimise your potential, and help you to flourish as self-confident young performers with all the right tools at your fingertips!


See you very soon!